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The 2018 Engineering Expo and Competition: Sparking ideas & Igniting potential

On Thursday, April 26th 2018, the College of Engineering at Alfaisal University held its Third Engineering Design Expo and Competition. The event showcased graduation capstone projects across the College’s five engineering programs. The projects emphasized relevance to the local society, as well an understanding of state-of-the-art engineering practices, technologies and trends. Students presenting their work demonstrated both capabilities to pitch their ideas and products, as well as good knowledge of their respective field.

ABB Saudi Arabia thankfully sponsored the event. The country Manager of ABB Saudi Arabia, Eng. Mohammed Al-Masry led the ABB delegation. He was impressed by the students’ work and presentations. He also indicated enthusiasm in participating in future events.

The capstone project competition featured work from undergraduate students where the students presented their work to an audience made up of fellow students, potential employers, and professors. The competition had five tracks; each track represented an engineering discipline; namely, Architectural Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Software Engineering.

This year, 107 students, majoring in every engineering discipline offered by the College of Engineering, demonstrating 36 completely original engineering projects, some of which will hopefully go on to be commercial products.

The President of Alfaisal University, Prof. Mohammed Alhayaza, attended the event and handed the awards to the winning teams during the closing award ceremony. The Acting Dean of Engineering at Alfaisal University, Dr. Muhammad Anan expressed his deep appreciation and sincere gratitude to ABB, faculties, students, industry partners, organizing team, the Facility, IT, and PR departments, and to Alfaisal’s leadership for their unlimited support.

Program Rank Project title Students
Architecture Eng. 1st EXPONENTIAL: An incubator for Saudi start-up business
  • Ghadah Khalid AlEissa
  • Nujood Abdulaziz Almadi
  • Noor Ghanim Almazroa
2nd Riyadh Art Museum
  • Norah Alfawaz
  • Lena Albabtain
  • Lama Aldhawi
  • Sarah Sheail
  • Lama Benjadid
  • Sara Alaa Mohammed
  • Sara Mobarak
  • Amal Alnajjar
Electrical Eng. 1st Design of a DC Micro-grid
  • Abdulrahman Abu Mazyad
  • Ibrahim ajlan alajlan
  • Mohammed Fouad Al Humoud
2nd A Solar-Powered Charging System with Wireless Power Transfer

(Boeing Solar Quadcopter)

  • Aram Sadig Monawar
  • Asma Asim Ali
  • Raghad Saleh AlTurki
3rd Wireless Power Transmission System
  • Mohammed A. Alwahbi
  • Yaman Mousa Qasim
  • abdulmajeed abdulaziz almuhraj
Industrial Eng. 1st ABB: Reducing the Invisible Cost of the Production Line
  • Asaba M.F. Alharthi
  • Latifa Abdullah AlMarshad
  • AlAnood Nasser AlGhshayan
2nd MAFP KSA HR Process Manual
  • Alhanaouf A. A. Alabdulkarim
  • Alhanouf Abdulaziz Alhuqayl
  • Sara Abdullah Almarshad
  • Yara Khalid Mubark Al Otaibi
3rd GE: Reduce the No Show Rate for CAS
  • Sahar Hisham Ali Albahkali
  • Deema Raad M. Mardini
  • Mariya M.Samkary
  • Nora M. Bin Gaith
Mechanical Eng. 1st 3D Printed Prosthetic Arm
  • Monerah Alrowiatea
2nd Shell Eco Marathon
  • Naif Albaiz
  • Ahmad Al-Ajaji
  • Omar Baras
3rd Boeing Solar Drone
  • Halah Alsayed
Software Eng. 1st No3ty
  • Areej Abdullah Al Zahrani Nuha Sami AlSuwailem
  • Gaida khalid Altassan
  • Gaada M. A. Alshmari
2nd Android Networking Mobile Application for Students and Tutors. Allemni
  • Hanan Ali BinDulaim
  • Hala Mhd A. Saad
  • Manal Sadiq Kariapper Sultanah S. H. Alghamdi
3rd Riyadh Metro App
  • Njoud Sultan Almugairin
  • Ghadah A. Alharthi



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