The Undergrad Students at the College of Business have submitted eleven projects to the 8th Technology, Education and Development Conference – INTED2014 in Valencia, Spain. All eleven were accepted. The group of students led by Dr. Mario Ferrer and Dr. Ricardo Santa, are conducting research projects based on data collected from several economy sectors in Saudi Arabia.

This 100% acceptance demonstrates that the Undergrad courses at the College of Business are aligned with the mission and vision of the University of being a research-focused University. “We have succeeded in promoting not only the name of Alfaisal University but also the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the arena of academic learning and innovation in industry. This outstanding outcome demonstrates the high quality of research we are conducting at the College of Business at Alfaisal”, stated Dr. Ricardo Santa.

The students have expressed their satisfaction with the outcome of the class projects. This experiential learning experience demonstrates the innovative teaching approach at Alfaisal University as it links the theory taught in the class room with the reality of business around the country in several sectors. Additionally, the university is demonstrating that Alfaisal University delivers a world class education.

It is important also to highlight the effort of Miss Haya Alhakbani, vice dean of the Information Systems Department at Al Imam University and MBA graduate and Miss Amal Yacoub Alfraih for their efforts advising and helping with some of the students projects