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AI Seminar on Digital Health in the Metaverse

The convergence of the metaverse and artificial intelligence is evident in the landscape of digital healthcare. AI technologies are playing a pivotal role in the creation of the virtual realm and in enhancing healthcare service provision, within this immersive digital environment. The metaverse allows for the creation of virtual healthcare facilities where patients can consult with physicians, therapists, or specialists, transcending geographical boundaries. On October 16th in 2023, the AI Research Center hosted a seminar titled, “Digital Healthcare in the Metaverse”’ as part of the AI Seminar Series which was presented by Dr. Noor Alsaadoun, Director of the Health Innovation, and the Biotech Center at Alfaisal University.

In this seminar, Dr. Noor presented metaverse as a vast, interconnected virtual realm that offers new possibilities for healthcare professionals and patients alike. The seminar highlighted how the integration of AI in the metaverse not only enhances the accessibility of healthcare services but also fosters a collaborative, data-driven approach that improves diagnostics, treatment, and patient engagement. Cutting-edge medical technologies like digital twins, digital therapeutic platforms, remote diagnostic tools and the related ethical concerns, such as deep fakes, prejudice, and data privacy, were also discussed. She further stated that the development of ethical and regulatory frameworks is necessary to guarantee the safety, reliability, and equity of AI-driven healthcare in the metaverse. In her conclusive remarks, Dr. Noor stated that despite the challenges, the metaverse’s integration of AI and healthcare has the potential to revolutionize the way we provide and receive medical care by lowering costs and increasing accessibility and personalization.

The seminar was attended by students enrolled in the AI and machine learning courses in the College of Engineering as well as students and faculty from Medicine. The seminar emphasized that a balanced approach, integrating innovation with responsible governance, is essential for harnessing the full potential of the metaverse in the realm of healthcare.

As the metaverse continues to evolve, the synergy of AI and digital healthcare holds the promise of a more accessible, efficient, and patient-centered healthcare experience. The seminar explored the exciting possibilities of the metaverse and AI in digital health while underscoring the pressing concerns related to ethical practices, data management, and the necessity of setting standards to shape the future of virtual healthcare.

Dr. Noor Alsaadoun holds a Masters in Medical Sciences degree specializing in Cancer Genetics from the University of Calgary and she is currently serving as the Director of the Health Innovation and Biotech Center at Alfaisal University. Seeking to deepen her expertise, she pursued training at the renowned National Cancer Center in Tokyo, Japan, where she gained invaluable insights into the global healthcare arena. Dr. Noor is also the Director of the Metaverse for Health Academy for youth in Alfaisal University’s Enrichment Programs (AUEP.alfaisal.edu).

Alfaisal University’s AI Seminar Series explores ways artificial intelligence (AI) can benefit society, our environment, and the economy. In weekly talks, leaders from academia, industry, and NGOs, who are at the forefront of using AI for social good, showcase AI applications that are forging positive changes in healthcare, the environment, education, technology, government and more. Like the AI Center itself, the seminar series has a broad scope, covering both new methodological contributions, ground-breaking applications, and impact on society. More information about the AI Center’s activities and scientific programs can be viewed via ai.alfaisal.edu.

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