Alfaisal University Medical Student; Mr. Azhar Farooqui, has once again accomplished a major achievement as he discovers a second error in “Gray’s Anatomy for Students”. This highly rated anatomy book, is well known for its easy to understand figures, diagrams and layout, and is used by students globally as a major reference book for medical education.

Recently while studying for his Neuroscience block, Mr. Azhar noticed a flaw in the classification of the “internal foramina in the floor of the cranial cavity”. The optic canal, which was classified in the table 8.2 as being present in the Anterior Cranial Fossa, was labelled in the figure 8.26 as being present in the Middle Cranial.

Upon discussing this matter with his Professor of Anatomy, Professor Paul Ganguly, and confirming his findings with other major anatomy books, Mr. Azhar wrote an email to the author of Gray’s Anatomy for Students, Dr. Richard Drake. After a couple of days Dr. Drake replied thanking Mr. Azhar for bringing this matter to his attention and commented that he will correct table 8.2, and indeed the optic canal will be correctly classified as being in the middle cranial fossa.

Mr. Azhar is a 2nd year medical student at Alfaisal University whose performance has continually been among the top achievers. He previously discovered an error in Gray’s Anatomy for Student; the Circumflex Fibular artery was branching of from the anterior Tibial artery instead of the Posterior Tibial artery.

Well done Mr. Azhar!