Alfaisal Mini Med School Series (AMMSS) is a students-led, faculty-supervised, initiative that aims to enhance the students’ community engagement by raising the public awareness towards important and trendy healthcare related topics.

With the supervision of Dr. Baraa Alghalyini, chair of Family and Community Medicine Department and course director of Family Medicine courses, year 3 students work collaboratively to organize a one-hour session with a topic-expert guest speaker targeting the general public to raise awareness on critical and hot topics such as, chronic pain management, Sleep Medicine, Mental Health, care of the elderly, and preconception counseling.

To compliment this project and further disseminate the knowledge and experience to beyond those who attended, all sessions are video recorded and uploaded to Alfaisal You-tube channel. In addition, students will create a one-pager with all references, useful articles, flow charts and illustrations pertaining the topic being discussed to be used by Family and primary health care physicians in their practices. A soft copy of each topic one-pager will be accessible through a unique QR code included within the presentation Y-tube video description.

Alfaisal Family & Community Medicine department aims to develop this project to target the general public as well as to attract guest speakers from multiple universities across the kingdom.