Alfaisal University and Bristol University held a joint symposium at the premises of Alfaisal University on 7th October, 2019 (9 am – 5 pm). The University warmly welcomed the guest speakers from Bristol University who enlightened the students and faculty on the topic of “Studying Disease using Stem Cells and Organoids”. The guest speakers, Dr. David Murphy, Professor James Uney and Dr. Liang-Fong Wong along with Alfaisal’s faculty speakers, Dr. Abdullah Alshawaf, Dr. Reem Saud, Dr. Raed Abu-Dawud and Dr. Junaid Kashir spoke on the importance of how stem cells can be used to model incurable diseases in humans and finding cures and developing treatments for those diseases.

Dr. Liang-Fong Wong during her visit gave her impressions on the University. She found Alfaisal University to be a vibrant place, full of energy and she looked forward to meeting the students and faculty at the symposium. She also emphasized on the importance of how the study of stem cells and organoids can help find the cures for incurable diseases in humans.