February 17th & 19th, 2019

On Sunday and Tuesday, February 17th & 19th, 2019 Arch. Edwin Callanta Peleo who is a Senior Architect at Omrania conducted a 3 hours duration architectural engineering workshops by the title of “Basic IBC, SBC and NFPA 101, Application in Architectural Design – Space Planning”

The workshop introduced the International Building Code (IBC), Saudi Building Code (SBC) and the National Fire Protection Authority 101 (NFPA 101) to students and discussed the importance of them in Architectural Design, particularly in space planning.

At the end of this Workshop, the students understood how to approach the codes to assist them in determining and calculating minimum requirements such as the width of doors, corridors and staircases. Besides determining the maximum travel distances and minimum number or needed water closets for a building.

The Workshop was very engaging and informative. Audience were mostly Architectural Engineering students and Faculty, a total of 68 participants.