Last week, one of Alfaisal University’s co-founders, trusted partners and funders of the College of Engineering’s Capstone Project visited us to oversee latest developments in the Solar Drone and Solar Car projects, as well as to present a lecture titled: “Second Century Innovation, What’s Next?”

The visit began with a campus tour followed by the final presentation of the timeline and accomplishments of the Boeing Solar Drone project which was given by Dr. Abdel Hamid Taha, the project supervisor, followed by a presentation on the Boeing Solar Car project and its development by Dr. Ahmed Oteafy and the team members including student team leader Habib Farooq.

After the presentation, Boeing representatives attended a meeting with H.E. President Mohammed Al Hayaza and other department heads, then they all proceeded to the lecture theatre where Boeing presented their planned public seminar. The seminar focused on the developments and future directions of Boeing in its second century, which was given by Dr. Lions, who also referenced the importance of discipline with innovation in companies and universities as demonstrated by the project presentations he had witnessed earlier in the day.

The visit proved to be influential and inspires many more projects and a stronger partnership with Boeing.