Alfaisal University College of Business expertise is being sought in the heart of Europe as a new faculty of College of Business academic has been appointed to expert advisory panels for the European Union (EU), FP7 Marie Curie International Fellowship and Initial Training Network.

Assistant Professor Hazbo Skoko recently returned from the EC Headquarter in Brussels where he was involved in project proposals evaluation for the several programs within the Framework Programme 7. Dr. Skoko, in conjunction with other experts, determined the deployment of the EU’s 330 billion SR research fund in such important areas as information and communication technology, nanotechnology, health, literature, biotechnology, the natural environment, and aeronautics.

His recent trip to Brussels marks the second time Dr Skoko has lent his expertise to this important aspect of the European Community’s five year development plan. Last year he was also involved in the initial training program. Committed to increasing Alfaisal University’s international exposure, he also used the opportunity to discuss with several possible partners, Alfaisal University’s potential involvement in the FP7 Research Programme. Despite having been a member of the College of Business for just a few short months, Dr. Skoko is playing a key role in Alfaisal University becoming an internationally respected research university.

Dr. Hazbo Skoko holds a doctorate in IT/ICT Management, Master in Information Economics, and another Master in International Business Management. His professional commercial, research and teaching experience includes working in throughout the world, including Montenegro, Serbia, Germany, Sweden, Canada, Chine, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Slovenia, France, the UK, New Zealand, and Australia.

Hazbo’s research interests include issues of IT/ICT management, SMEs, International Business, Information Economics and Quantum Physics, and Complex Systems and Systemic Approach applications. He has written a number of articles in international journals, three single authored books, and three co-authored books.

Besides working full-time at Alfaisal University, Riyadh he is also both visiting and guest professor at several prime universities around the world. He is also a Member of the Experts Panel for the Tertiary Education Accreditation for Economics and Finance, Republic of Slovenia, Ministry of Tertiary Education, Science and Technology, 2008; Member of Editorial Board of several international journals; Advisory Board member (Economics) of Scientific Journals International, Reviewer for the Zagreb International Review of Economics and Business, Zagreb, Croatia; and for the International Academy of Business and Economics (IABE).