Thursday 25th Oct, 2018. 13:00-15:00 PM

A committee of CoE four members consisting of:

Dr. Fawaz Abdullah Bin Sarra, Assistant Professor of Architectural Engineering and Vice Dean for Academic and Students Affairs

Dr. Abd-Elhamid Taha, Vice Dean for Research, Graduate Studies and Quality Assurance and Accreditation

Dr. Saad ElGhamdi, Assistant Professor of Architectural Engineering and Chair of the Architectural Engineering Department

Mrs. Moshira Ali, Quality Assurance & Accreditation Officer at College of Engineering

NCAAA side included:

Dr. Mohamed Bin Rashid Alfehaid, Vice Executive for Program Accreditation

Dr. Hanan AlOlayan, NCAAA Consultant and Trainer

The meeting agenda consisted of:

  • Updated quality assurance standards of 6 items instead of 11 and their effect on completed work
  • Approval for submission of ABET accreditation for 5 Engineering Programs
  • Updated National Qualification Framework (NQF) into Saudi Qualification Framework (SQF) and its implications on programs seeking accreditation