Alfaisal University hosted on Wednesday, April 5th, an art auction in King Faisal’s palace that included paintings by HRH Prince Khaled Alfaisal. The auction of 7 paintings helped raise nearly 10 million riyals for the university.

The evening was filled with admiration and awe as guests admired the palace details in every corner, then were able to walk through the gallery and get a glimpse of HRH Prince Khaled’s love and talent for the arts.

Finally, guests enjoyed a delicate dinner and took part in the engaging auction run by Sotheby’s for Prince Khaled’s art pieces. Two of his painting tallied up to over two million riyals each, and the others ranged starting from 550,000 Riyals.

The exhibition is now open to the public and will continue to run in Riyadh until the 20th of April.