As a part of the CoE activities, a workshop entitled “Predict the Future Using Data” was conducted on the 10th of March, 2019 by IBM team.

The session started by Reema Almshari -Developer advocate at IBM. She welcomed the attendees. Then, Deema Alamer-Co-Founder of Code for Girls- started with a visual presentation about the negotiation skills for women, and how to negotiate about your job offer. After that, an interview has been conducted with Sara aljathlan – Co-Founder of Hadathy- to speak about her start-up company and how she overcome the challenges as a woman.

Finally, Mead Alrshoud and Faten Alduwaish – IBM Developers- introduced a workshop on Watson Studio service that provided by IBM. They built with the participants some prediction models using Watson Studio service.

At the end, recognition certificates were given to the IBM team from Alfaisal University.