On November 11th , 2019, College of Engineering hosted a seminar on “Project Management, Not Only Knowledge!” presented by Eng. Saeed Alghamdi, Head of PMO at Bahri national shipping company. Eng. Alghamdi started the session with a general introduction about his education and expertise then he asked the audience some question on what distinguish a project from the other type of endeavors. The session covered outlined, project definition, projects Vs operations, project phase diagram, project management triangle, the differences between risk and issues and the importance of the communication skills in project management.

The session was quite enjoyable and interactive where the students had the chance to ask a handful questions varied between the “what distinguished a great project manager from an average?”, “examples of positive type of risks” & “What was the hardest issue Eng. Alghamdi faced in managing projects at Bahri”. Eng. Alghamdi responded to the question with elaboration sharing his experience and knowledge in the field. The audience was mostly Industrial Engineering students and  Eng. Alghamdi was thanked by Dr. Abdulla Alrashdan, Industrial Engineering Department Head and Dr. Faisal Alotaibi, Assistant Professor of Industrial Engineering.