Alfaisal University’s team, named Faith, from College of Engineering has been awarded with Perseverance and Spirit of the Event Award , by Shell global in the competition of Shell Eco-marathon, due to their outstanding performance in staying in high spirits, overcoming great obstacles, supporting others and showing outstanding endurance, resolve and resourcefulness.

Despite the delay in receiving their car onsite, Team Alfaisal showed great endurance, remained positive and choose to move forward and prepare whatever they could while waiting. Judges found them a step ahead when it comes to share their material and resources with neighbouring teams.

The team donated their spare engine to the competing Philippines team whose engine suddenly broke. Judges said, “Team Alfaisal had demonstrated that the event is not about winning, instead reaching a common goal – driving innovation to achieve sustainable mobility”.

Abdulmohsin Albabtain, driver and team leader, said, “It’s not all about the competition, but shared knowledge as well. Several teams came to help us as we experienced problems with our car. It was all for one and one for all.”

Dr. Nidal Nasser, Dean of College of Engineering, said, “In this project, the Team Alfaisal students have made a plan, one that involves many hours of hard work and innovation. Over the past months and during the event, the students demonstrated patience and persistence in seeing that plan through. They did all their best to make it to the track. I am very proud of the team spirit even in difficult situations. Your participation is a winning for all Alfaisal University family. A work well done.”