Gray’s Anatomy of the Human Body, first Published in 1858, is by far one of the most highly rated anatomy books in the field of medicine and used by students worldwide. Also available as Gray’s Anatomy for students, Gray’s Atlas of anatomy and Grays Anatomy review, this book has always fascinated its reader by easy to understand graphs, images and figures.

Recently, while preparing for his musculoskeletal end of block exam, Mr. Azhar Farooqui, a medical student at Alfaisal University, discovered that a figure incorrectly represented the description regarding one of the arteries of the posterior compartment of the Leg. The Circumflex Fibular artery, which is a branch from the Posterior Tibial Artery, was branching of from the Anterior Tibial Artery in the figure. Figure (fig: 6.84).

Mr. Farooqui then wrote an email to his Professor of Anatomy, Prof. Paul Ganguly regarding the matter who assured him that indeed it is an error.

Mr. Farooqui wrote an email to the author of Gray’s anatomy for students, Dr. Richard Drake informing him about this finding. After a couple of days, Dr. Richard Drake replied back thanking Mr. Azhar for pointing out this mistake. He also assured him that he has forwarded this email to his co-author and this mistake will be corrected before the printing of the next edition. Well done Mr. Farooqui!