IFAH (International Forum on Advancement on Healthcare) is an international event organized by a healthcare events firm, based in Southern California with offices in Santa Monica, CA and Wilmington, DE, that works towards bringing like-minded people in the medical field together, on a common platform, to co-learn, network and grow. They held their conference in Dubai on Monday, December 16th, 2019, where Alfaisal University College of Medicine intern student Ahmad Bawazir was awarded as one of the “Top 100 Healthcare Leaders” by IFAH.

Bawazir was included in the initial list of 300 nominees, the IFAH judging committee chose 100 people based on five criteria:

  1. Overall Reach
  2. Industry Impact
  3. Spirit of Innovation
  4. Future Readiness
  5. Market Demand

Alfaisal University is proud of Mr. Ahmad Bawazir who is a living example of the excellence exhibited by Alfaisal medical students and their deep understanding of the various aspects the medical field is interested in nowadays.