As a leading medical school entering a new phase of digital learning, the College of Medicine at Alfaisal University required a holistic assessment platform to cater its needs towards an e-curriculum. After considering several digital exam solutions, the College of Medicine implemented ExamSoft in 2015. The College of Medicine has since captured valuable insights into exam performance and realized substantial cost savings. In Spring 2020, ExamSoft’s offline assessment platform proved essential to the school’s successful pivot to remote assessment. Moreover, since Fall 2019-20, all colleges of the university are using ExamSoft while Assessment Office at COM is supporting them in smooth implementation.

Challenges, adoption and start up, statistical results, COVID-19 impact, and next steps are all discussed in further details in the case study about Alfaisal University experience with ExamSoft at the ExamSoft website, and it could be accessed through the following link:

College of Medicine appreciates the support of Dr. Muhammed Faisal Ikram for ensuring optimal implementation and utilization of the ExamSoft at Alfaisal and for providing the necessary information and statistical evidence for the study.