On Thursday, 6th of December, 2018, Alfaisal University represented by its president Dr. Mohammad Al Hayaza, signed an MOU with the Saudi Association for Voluntary Work ‘Takatuf’ as part of ‘Takatuf’ International Volunteer Day event under the name ‘’ Intellectual Security… Our Force’’, represented by its CEO Princess Moudi bint Khaled bin Abdulaziz.

Each year, Alfaisal University celebratesthe International Volunteer Day, and for 2018, Takatuf honoured ‘’ Basma’’volunteering association that spreads awareness about inherited diseases, and‘’ Qudra’’ volunteering association, ‘’ Our Blood’’ volunteer association andothers.

Takatuf has also launched a newvolunteering group named ‘’ Power for Intellectual Security’’ which is underits umbrella and an extension to the Intellectual Security Club at AlfaisalUniversity