Alfaisal University sponsored team Galaxy with car #13 won the 2nd place in Rally Jameel on the overall ranking, and 1st place in the PT6 Category. The team consisted of Driver Atefah Saleh from the United Arab Emirates, and Navigator Elleanor Coker from the United States.

Rally Jameel is an off-road Navigation Rally that does not require speed in which teams of two ladies each use a state-of-the-art navigation equipment and a digital road book to compete on a pre-defined route in the deserts of Saudi Arabia, using normal off road 4×4 cars through hidden Waypoints to collect points. The team that accumulates the most points win the Rally. Galaxy team collected 2157.263 points, 7 points less than the 1st place winning tea from Sweden.

The competition was held from 16 – 19 March, with the participation of 35 team from all over the world.