Alfaisal University’s College of Medicine Family and Community Medicine Department under the guidance of Dr. Baraa Alghalyini organized the 7th Health Promotion Exhibition on the 12th of December 2019. +25 booths were set up in the ground floor of the campus, all of which reflected the theme of the event, “Together towards a Healthy University”.

The students present at the booths interacted with visitors in various ways generating awareness in the areas of Physical Health, Mental Health, Environmental Health & Prevention and Wellbeing.

As the theme promoted the idea of a healthier environment for the University, the students accordingly had come up with great ideas on how to achieve this initiative. The booths demonstrated various ways of achieving the desired goal such as introducing healthy food options in the food court of the University, arranging Student Counselling on private chat groups and individual online sessions for privacy and anonymity, constructing a running and cycling track around the premises to increase physical activity and fight obesity, recycling options, sports competitions, a healthy food market at the campus, Alfaisal’s own ambulance and first aid kits etc.

The event was interactive and fun, with participation from Alfaisal students, faculty and staff who took part in the physical competitions and mental games, and with outside visitors from school students and parents.

Alfaisal President Dr. Mohammad Alhayaza attended the event and visited each booth to appreciate and encourage the students for their efforts and ideas, and awarded the winning booths during the awarding ceremony.