On November 28th, the College of Engineering and the AI Center launched the Data Analytics Bootcamp, an intense week-long innovation program that challenges participants to develop data-driven solutions for real-world problems. Bootcamps are short-term, intensive training programs that equip participants with in-demand industry knowledge via project-based learning.

Overview of the Data Analytics Bootcamp

The Data Analytics Bootcamp is hosted by Alfaisal University in partnership with Bayan Academy and supported by Alfaisal University’s Dimensions Accelerator Program. The Bootcamp covers topics such as programming, predictive analytics, statistics, data visualization and general data analysis.  Besides building a strong foundation in statistical and analytical thinking, bootcamp participants learn a variety of highly marketable and industry-relevant technical frameworks. Throughout the learning modules of the bootcamp, participants learn data science programming, cleaning and analyzing data, modeling, visualization of data and research presentation.

The Bootcamp focuses on using Python as the primary programming language, given that it comes equipped with code modules that are well-suited to addressing machine learning, artificial intelligence and analytics processes. It also emphasizes the importance of creating real-world analytical projects from actual data sets that participants are interested in exploring. Alfaisal University’s project-based Bootcamp provides participants with practical knowledge about the way professionals deploy data science technology on real assignments and provides participants with the opportunity to build compelling portfolio projects.