Mr. Fawaz Gosaibi, partner and Board member, Algosaibi Co. visited the Alfaisal University campus where he was welcomed by Dr. Mahar Alodan, Dr. Khalid AlKattan, Ms. Jeehan Al-Heddawi and Mr. James Morgan on Tuesday 28th October 2008.

Mr. Gosaibi was one of the first donors to pledge support at the conception of the university. Witnessing Alfaisal University now functioning and alive with students and faculty left Mr. Gosaibi impressed with the achievements accomplished to date and stated this is “a dream come true”.

On his visit, Mr. Gosaibi was given an introduction presentation about Alfaisal University and a brief on the fundraising campaign by Dr. Maher Alodan, which was followed by a guided tour of the functioning college of science building, the emerging university campus and the late king Faisal’s Palace. Mr. Gosaibi committed to donate towards developing this great project and said “what best for a man to invest his money in than such an honorable cause”.

We welcome Mr. Gosaibi’s commitment in helping to advance our mission and look forward to his continued support in the future

It is with the generosity of committed Saudi citizens like Mr. Gosaibi, that we will continue to see our aspirations for the university advance and to make a profound impact in the lives of many.