On 12th to 14th of September 2019, Lama Khalid Aljarbou, an Architectural Engineering student, had a chance to participate in JUNCTIONxKAUST hackathon along with hundreds of developers, designers, programmers and entrepreneurs from around Saudi Arabia, all came together for 48-hours duration to design next-generation technologies in food, water and energy for implementation in Saudi Arabia’s global model for future living NEOM, the event’s challenge partner.

Lama and her team were in the water challenge-track. They designed a GreyWater Recycled Smart Irrigation System that allows better conservation for water by optimizing water levels based on soil moisture and weather data, therefore it helps to inform the system if the landscape is in need of irrigation or not, then automatically turns on/off water sprinklers.

Lama had a very pleasant experience with her team participants even though they were from different backgrounds related to computer science while she was the only architectural engineer, it was a total addition to the team. She designed the whole layout of the process and successfully applied her knowledge and studies of certain topics in engineering through the challenge.