Dr Mario Ferrer took this Operations Management class on an academic field trip to Unicharm Gulf Hygienic Industries on November 17th, 2022, to expose students to recently launched world-class manufacturing facilities. Unicharm Gulf Hygienic Industries Ltd. is a Consumer Goods firm based in Riyadh 2nd Industrial Area.

The license granted by The Japanese Unicharm Corporation, one of the world top manufacturers and distributors of health goods (Baby Diapers, Feminine Napkins and Adult Incontinence) Unicharm Company is globally known for its technological inventions and scientific advances in different areas. The Company is the first to produce the Culotte Baby Diaper, which created a new value for the consumer and shifted the structure of this market. Unicharm Company leads its domestic market share in Japan, holding a comparable position in other operational areas like Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, the Philippines, and various European countries.


During their visit, students were given a presentation by Unicharm executive management team and had an interactive Q&A session about the Company’s corporate & business strategy, production management policies, quality strategy, supply chain management drivers and metrics, and corporate social responsibility. 


“I finally got an opportunity to use the knowledge I had gained from operations management practically. It helped my business skills and my understanding of the work needed to get a task done” Khaled Alsalloum

“Our field trip to Unicharm was an extraordinary experience as it helped us to understand the material we have studied on a practical level as we have seen how the Company handles its operations” Faisal Alwadaani