The College of Engineering hosted a Siemens Day event on Thursday November 5th, 2015. The event was entitled “Jobs, Internship Opportunities, & Career Advice for Engineers.” A 150+ audience of students and faculty members attended the event. Siemens human resources Ms. Nada Al Sheaiby and Head of Professional Education Dr. Nathaniel Darban engaged the students in a presentation and a follow up Q&A session on the male and female sides.

The presenter Ms. Nada masterfully engaged the students; informing them about the divisions of Siemens in the Kingdom, the Job and Internship opportunities, and gave them valuable career advice. The students followed with an active Q&A over coffee and light snacks. This event was organized by Dr. Ahmed Oteafy at the College of Engineering.

The planning was coordinated with Dean Nidal Nasser, who stated that “It is of paramount importance to establish collaboration with a world renowned engineering company like Siemens that could serve the College on different fronts. This collaboration starts, but doesn’t end at, providing our students direct access to internship and career opportunities and advice. The goal is then to further this collaboration to other potential venues such as workshops, course enrichment, and sponsorship.” Thus next semester it is planned to have workshops to train the students on developing career plans and better resumes by the Siemens Human Resources department. For further information contact Dr. Ahmed Oteafy at