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College of Pharmacy Annual Awarding Ceremony of 2023

May 2nd, 2023: College of Pharmacy at Alfaisal University held its annual competition, The College of Pharmacy Student Recognition Awards (COP SRA), to acknowledge the outstanding contribution and both curricular and extracurricular accomplishments of the PharmD students. This competition consists of four awards:

First, the Research Excellence Award. This award recognizes students who undertook a research project during their training and were able to have their research findings published in a recognized scientific journal. Two winners received this award: 1st prize went to the 6th-year student Nada Salaas, and the 2nd prize also went to the 6th-year student Reem Abomustapha.

Second, the Award for Outstanding Academic Performance, which recognizes students who demonstrated exceptional academic performance across all courses of the PharmD program. Three students received this award; 1st for Rahaf Yaseen – Year 5, 2nd for Amal El Hamwi – Year 5, 3rd for Ranim Abou Shameh – Year 3. While three students received an Honorable Mention; Mayas Alnan – Year 5, and Areeg Abomustafa and Nada Salaas – Year 6.

Third, the Distinguished Community Service Award; it recognizes the endeavors of a student who has consistently worked individually or within a group in planned or unplanned community service activities.

Three students received this award; 1st for Areeg Abumostafa – Year 6, with winning this award three years in a row, 2nd for Arwa Al Haj Issa – Year 5, 3rd for Mayas Alnan – Year 5; and two Year 6 students received an Honorable Mention; Amal El Hamwi and Nada Salaas.

Fourth, the Dean’s List Award, that is offered at the end of each academic year for students who maintain a GPA of 3.75 or higher by the end of each academic year. Year 2 for Reem Al Dorzi and Salma Ansary, Year 3 for Ranim Abou Shameh, Noura Samer Jandali, and Lein Anas Samuor, Year 4 for Mais Mouhamad Said Awad and Reem Mohamad Hani Temsah, Year 5 for Rahaf Hilal Yaseen, Arwa Al Haj Issa, and Mayas Mhd Kasem Alnan, and Year 6 for Amal El Hamwi, Reem Abumostafa, Areeg Abumostafa, and Nada Salaas.

This year, COP is recognizing, for the first time, prospective graduates who have successfully completed the Saudi Pharmacist Licensure Examination (SPLE) and received an outstanding score that is equal to 80% or higher. The winner of this award category is the Year 6 student, Nada Salaas, who received the highest recorded score for SPLE.

Also, this year, COP recognizes the effort made by all assigned class leaders. COP greatly appreciates the time those leaders lent to their given task of communicating with their colleagues and reporting concerns, updates, and suggestions to faculty. The award organizer, Professor Mohammed Khanfar, alongside the Dean, handed out the certificates to the five leaders:  Year 2 – Nadeen Garaween, Year 3 – Ghada Dahman, Year 4 – Maram Tobeili, Year 5 – Rahaf Yaseen and, Year 6 – Alanoud Raja.

COP introduced this year the Student Leader Award for a class leader who excellently represented their class and demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities as judged by faculty members. This year the award went to the Year 6 student, Alanoud Raja.

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