Another international achievement was added to the list of the College of Medicine at Alfaisal University. The research team, led by Dr. Paul Ganguly, Professor of Anatomy, in collaboration with Dr. Grant N. Pierce, Director, St. Boniface General Hospital Research Centre and five students from the second year, published their review article entitled “Diabetes, Stroke and Hyperhomosysteinemia: the Missing Link” as a chapter of a book entitled “Horizons in Neuroscience Research, Volume 5” by Nova publishers, New York, USA.

The article was a part of the summer project in which the students spent their time reading and reviewing articles about several important issues that face the medical community today. It is worth mentioning that this review article is also a part of research that will be conducted in the near future at the college of medicine labs. The research aims to identify the link between increased blood level of a nasty chemical, homocysteine, and diabetes as well as stroke. The students said they were very proud to represent Alfaisal Medical College and collaborate with international expertise.

Mohamed Diya Sabbagh commented “having our input in a book is certainly a great motivation for us. To know that students and scientist around the world will read our input and benefit from it is the best reward we can ask for.”

Khaled Alshehri added “I am extremely happy to see my name in a renowned book at this stage of my medical journey.”