In January 2022, college of engineering graduate undergraduate students participated in the 2022 3rd International Conference of Industrial Engineering & Industrial Management and 2022 IEEE 9th International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Applications (ICIEA 2022) in Barcelona, Spain. The two conferences are among the most prestigious IE conferences in the world. The conferences took place between the 12th and the 14th of January, 2022. One of the participating papers “The Impact of Carbon Cap Policy on Supply Chain Network” by Ms. Sanabel Alnourani and Dr. Sobhi Mejjaouli received the best paper award. A total of 5 teams participated-including the awarded paper- and the list of the papers are as follow:

  • “The Impact of Carbon Tax Policy on Supply Chain Network” by Sanabel Alnourani and Dr. Sobhi Mejjaouli
  • “Distributing Fast EV Charging Stations in Saudi Highways” by Tareq Elsaka, Alwalid Idris, Omar Alwuayl, Abdulaziz Alshaikh, Dr. Sobhi Mejjaouli
  • “4-A Binary Programming Model for Residential Building Retrofitting” by Dr. Sobhi Mejjaouli and Maha Alzahrani
  • “5-Transportation of Perishable Products” by Mohammad Sameeh Ghazal, Husam Anan, and Dr. Sobhi Mejjaouli

College of Engineering at Alfaisal University continues to encourage their students to engage in the international communities through conference participation and papers publication. Congratulation to all students on their achievement.