On 20 May 2009 Dr. Mohammed Al-Ansari, the Technology Program Director from the Research & Development Center at Saudi Aramco spoke at Alfaisal University about “Maintaining & Developing Our Intellectual Capital for Future Growth”. The event was attended by more than 25 faculty, staff and students. There were numerous questions and discussions during the seminar.

Dr. Ali Khraibi a Professor in the College of Medicine, when asked about what he liked most about the presentation said that, “I was really surprised about the large number of ideas generated and shared internally online by Saudi Aramco employees. This is a great way for an organization to advance. Other institutions should implement a similar system”. Dr. Hasan Rajab, an Associate Professor in the College of Medicine, noted that, “This was a very fascinating topic especially in terms of showing the importance of networking both within and outside a company. This is an excellent opportunity for Alfaisal University to work in partnership with Saudi Aramco to help the country to progress”