Research is an integral part in medical education. However, its importance is often neglected in many medical schools. The students often miss out from experiencing the research environment and the stimulus for expanding their knowledge beyond text books. The summer program in Winnipeg, Canada is an example which gives right opportunities to pre-clinical students of Alfaisal University.

After completing two years of medical education at Alfaisal University College of Medicine, six Alfaisal students participated in a summer program at St. Boniface Hospital Research Center in Winnipeg MB.  On completion, students received a Diploma on Advanced Training on Basic and Clinical Research in Medicine from St. Boniface Hospital and Research Centre. The program was supervised and supported by Professor Paul Ganguly from Alfaisal University and Professor Grant Pierce from St Boniface Hospital Research Center.

Moreover, as a proof of success of this program, the six students from the College of Medicine published an article in American Physiology Association – Advances in Physiology Education Journal. The article entitled “An international basic science and clinical research summer program for medical students” describes a program that bridges the gap between the basic and clinical research concepts in a unique international educational experience.

The advanced training in the basic and clinical research topics in medicine that has been developed at the St. Boniface Hospital, Winnipeg, Canada allows Alfaisal medical students to achieve their goals in a variety of ways.

Do join us in congratulating our medicine students and thanking Professor Ganguly for his tireless and unequivocal support.