Anatomy is the language of medicine. Thus, the anatomy as a subject grew up around the medical schools significantly. For a century it trained physicians and graduate students who have innovative ideas in medical education and transformed the subject into a modern science that caters towards our need in understanding what we termed as “clinically oriented anatomy”. All over the world, the surgery residents who are the back bone of our health care systems often come back to the department of anatomy to browse through their knowledge in terms of understanding the structures of the body through dissection of cadavers.

The Department of Anatomy at the College of Medicine, Alfaisal University has been offering cadaveric dissection to post-graduate residents. Since a thorough knowledge of anatomy underpins surgical practice, we believe it is very helpful and rewarding. The residents can now dissect cadavers under the supervision of faculty at the Alfaisal University, Anatomy Resource Center which is one of best-equipped places in the Kingdom with up-to-date gadgets for anatomical/surgical training.

On February 4, 2021, a session was conducted for the plastic surgery residents. The feedback was very positive. Dr. Ahmed Alotaibi (Chief Resident, Plastic Surgery at KFSHRC) writes “On behalf of Dr. Moraya Alqahtani, the program Director and my fellow residents, I would like to express our appreciation for taking the time and effort to arrange a highly beneficial anatomy lab session starting from the recall PowerPoint presentation to the hands-on cadaver dissection. So, for that we thank you Dr. Atif Mazhar, and we hope for further contribution in our program and teaching activities in the future”.

The Department of anatomy acknowledges the support and help of the Dean, Professor Khaled AlKattan for creating a world-class center at the College of Medicine.