On November 8, 2021, a delegation from THALES Group, the multinational aerospace company, visited Alfaisal University. The delegation comprised Mr. Ismat Maarouf (E2, OCM, and Head of PMO), Ms. Heba Al Alawi (HR Operations Specialist), and Mr. Aziz Cisse (KSA Communication Manager). It was greeted by Dr. Muhammed Anan (Dean of the College of Engineering) and Dr. Sobhi Mejjaouli (Coordinator of the MEM program).

During this visit, Mr. Maarouf gave a talk before a large audience, including MEM students, under the title “Engineering Environment:  A THALES Approach to Support Complex Engineering Management.” Mr. Maarouf started with a brief overview of THALES Group and the products and services they provide worldwide. He then went to talk about some of the complex and challenging projects they handle. Finally, he described the E2, the engineering environment that THALES uses to support managing complexity in engineering projects.

Thales HR Operations Specialist Ms. Heba Al Alawi briefed the students about Thales’s internship and job opportunities.

The talk was engaging and very beneficial to the Master of Engineering Systems Management students and to the engineering faculty.