The College of Business Principle of Management class along with its professor Dr Mario Ferrer took an educational trip to Al Safi Danone Farm this week. Alsafi Danone is the largest integrated dairy farm in the world. The farm, an environmentally friendly operation, is fully integrated from the growing of forage to the final distribution of milk and dairy products. Every aspect of the farm is computer inter-linked utilizing software developed in-house to meet the specific requirements of Al Safi-Danone. Utmost care is taken to ensure that farm herds are free from all kinds of disease including foot & mouth. The trip was kindly facilitated by our student Mr Abdilaziz Mohamed Alsarhan and son of Al Safi Danone’s chairman.

A trip to a place like Alsafi-Danone, can be used to bridge the gap between theory and practice. Student had the opportunity to practice the concepts learned in principles of management, project management, science. Furthermore, the trip enabled students to explore the complexities of managing sophisticated information systems and supply chains and innovation. Principles of management student were of the opinion that new learning environments like the Al Safi-Danone visit provide challenges that allow for more individual learning, while classroom teaching is often generalized. During the educational trip, students had a chance to go the extra step and take on as much information as they want and can.