The World Arbitration Reporter is a Commentary and analysis by more than 100 internationally renowned experts from leading law firms, arbitration institutions, and universities around the world.

In April 2022, the 2nd edition of the report was published, featuring the work of 100 experts from 100 countries, including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

It covers arbitration laws, international treaties, and the rules and practices of major domestic and international arbitration institutions. Dr. Lucas Mistelis, a leading academic and practitioner of this field at the University of London and the author of the report have chosen Dr. Torki A. Alshubaiki to cover the arbitration practice in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Dr Torki is the first Dean of our newly found College of Law & International Relations and has an extended, versatile career in law and consultancy. he has many published studies and papers that focuses the legal sector in the Kingdom, and its relation to other sectors.