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Third BAE Systems Competition Awards

On Thursday, 4th of October 2018, BAE Systems in cooperation with the College of Business at Alfaisal University honoured nine projects completed by the students of Operations and Project Management in a special ceremony organized by BAE Systems in cooperation with Alfaisal University’s College of Business.

The awards were presented by President of Alfaisal University, H.E. Mohammed Al Hayaza, Dean of College of Business, Prof Bajis Dodin, and ISE (International Systems Engineering CEO Mr. Majid Al-Muzairi.

The winning projects are:

1st Prize: “Invest Me’’ by Saud Al Anbar & Noura Bin Khathlan.
For conference organizers, training program providers, workshop providers, employees, and students
in Saudi Arabia. Who end up losing the opportunity of joining workshops, as they don’t have one place that brings them together. We offer innovative platform for users to join training-programs, workshops, and conferences in one integrated solution. That advances your career, and sharpen your skills. Live the experience and get into programs with just your phone, no paper required!

2nd Prize: “Project Management techniques in parallel to synergetic system theory for NGO’s in Enhancing Time, Cost, Risk and Human Resource Management’’ by: Fatima Tahir & Saira Asim.
This research aims to compare the level of awareness and application of Project Management techniques in parallel to synergetic system theory for NGO’s in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Numerous project management tools and techniques will be used in an intention to reach a conclusion.

3rd Prize: “Thara” by: Maha Abobakr, Mariam Jazieh, Nouf Alaskar, & Ryanah ALSaif.
Aims are: To achieve one of the goals of the vision 2030 which is increasing tourism in Saudi.
Make it easier for people to know about Saudi attractions. To give an opportunity for people from all over the world to plan their trips to Saudi.

4th Prize: “Underground Beltway Transportation System’’ by: Riyam Altamimi, Danah Alabdulkareem, & Salma Al-Mizainy.
The aim of this project is to minimize transportation costs, at the same time, maximize the efficiency of transporting goods/resources from the borderlines of Riyadh to the heart of the city. In addition to reducing the traffic in the main streets of Riyadh.

5th Prize: “A Coordinating Body Between Schools and Companies to Arrange Educational Trips’’ by: Sabreen Abdulrahman.
This project aims to support the idea of establishing a coordinating body between schools and companies to arrange educational trips in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for the following reasons: (1) to minimise communication barriers and maximise efficiency in the process of educational trips arrangements, (2) to provide guidance and organise potential visit places for schools, and (3) to promote a knowledge-sharing culture between schools and companies.

6th Prize: “Integrated Medical Records System’’ by: Saleh Al-metairi &Wajd Al-mutairi.
The primary objective of this project is to develop a hospital management database which will be used by all hospitals in the country. This system will allow registration of patients and storage of medical records electronically. Medical records will include previous medication, surgeries, and injuries thus it will improve diagnosing patients. One of the main purposes of this project is to provide flexibility in the medical sector of this country.

7th Prize: Apprentice “internship with a click” by: Sara Almutawa & Naif Alhenaki.
The purpose of this project is to develop and design an application that will enhance the internship application process and ease the entire process for students; making it more reliable and convenient to the students and firms. It aims at connecting students and firms in various academic fields.

8th Prize: “Anti-Traffic’’ by: Saud AlDoheyan & Saud AlAnbar.
Traffic is one of the main struggles that a person face on the road every day. However, Avoiding the traffic will really help employee’s mangers, students ..etc. to arrive on time. Therefore, the idea is to make an application named Anti-traffic to reduce the traffic on our streets, and to facilitate the procedure of “Najm” where Najm evaluates the accidents, finally an innovative solution appears which is the person takes a video of the two or more cars to be sent directly to Najm.

9th Prize: “Virtual Study App and Goggle’’ by: Norah AlMogren, Reeyouf AlSanousi, Lama Bamogaddam, Menatalla Elatrbi, & Sarah Breeh.
This project aims to ease the process of studying by allowing the student to meet virtually and prepare for the exam along with other students of the same disciplines instead of wasting time to select a meeting spot. The learning can be stimulated via study tools, guides, discussions.

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