Around 860 students from Alfaisal University College of Medicine sat for the 12th multi-institutional progress test which took place on Wednesday March 8, 2020 and included year 1 to year 5 students all taking the same progress test at the same time.

The progress test (PT) is a comprehensive knowledge longitudinal testing approach which assesses the end of curriculum objectives acquired at graduation onset, by undergraduate medical training across all medical disciplines. The medical school at Al Qassim University has utilized its partnership with the Maastricht University to prepare the progress test, and many medical colleges in the kingdom contributed to the test preparation. This year, the test has been modified in parallel to medical education developments so as to be aligned with SaudiMED competencies, Matching to SCFHS blueprint for SMLE, and difficulty index of each question was included at different levels.

Alfaisal University thanks all students who have contributed to taking this test, and recognizes particularly academic affairs, assessment office, and faculty members for providing ideal test logistics. We hope that this year’s results show a nice progression in retaining and acquiring knowledge among our students from year to year, as proven in previous progress test results.