February 5th, 2023: To honor and commemorate the diversity of cultures at Alfaisal, the university held its much anticipated  Annual Culture Day of 2023. The shared knowledge, convictions, and values that have been passed down through the centuries in any country are referred to as culture, all facets of human behavior that people learn through experience and hone over the course of their lifetimes are part of the culture, the diversity of cultures and values among various groups of people is referred to as cultural diversity.

Therefore, Alfaisal University strives to showcase its diversity and beauty of human connections by organizing cultural booths. This year, 11 booths were successfully built representing the various countries: Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Egypt, Sudan, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh; symbolizing the 90s exhibiting their respective thriving histories. This celebration included activities, photo booths, food, costumes, traditional ambience and decoration, live performances, and poetry to live the culture of each country.