August 20-22, 2021: The SAAI Factory is a hackathon fostering community and celebrating innovation in the creative industries: Design, Gaming, Performing Arts, Virtual/Augmented Reality, Music, Calligraphy and Visual Arts. The SAAI hackathon’s regional hub in Riyadh was organized by Alfaisal University’s AI Research Center in the College of Engineering in collaboration with its Knowledge Partner, the Royal Institute for Traditional Arts (TRITA).

At the Super Artistic AI (SAAI) Hackathon, Alfaisal University students, faculty and alumni worked with local artists and art scholars in the regional hub activities on August 20-22, a feature of the hackathon that pairs artists with student/alumni collaborators. The global SAAI hackathon, which launched August 6, invited participants to explore creative works at the intersection of arts and technology. In the Kickoff Symposium, Alfaisal University’s Director of the AI Center, Dr. Areej Al-Wabil presented a keynote on “Virtual Reality Engines for Designing Immersive Experiences” which featured Alfaisal University’s mixed-reality projects and immersive experiences that are believable to the human mind, using augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR) – collectively known as extended reality or XR. “We are aiming to facilitate the cross-pollination of creativity, skills and ideas among a diverse community to collectively hack creative works at the intersection of Arts and Technology,” said Dr. Areej Al-Wabil, who also serves as a member in SAAI’s Jury and hackathon executive committee.

The Final Submissions for the SAAI Hackathon’s Artwork will be om 14th of September 2021.

You can follow the event via SAAI different channels and platforms.