Alfaisal University’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Academy aims to demystify AI in all its complexity for pre-collegiate students, while providing them with an early insight into the promises and perils of AI-enabled systems. The three-week summer enrichment program is developed by scholars in Alfaisal University’s AI Research Center and designed to build confidence in students’ abilities to understand and control the incredible AI-enabled technologies, as they are bound to develop rapidly within their lifetimes.

Alfaisal’s AI Academy offers an intensive learning experience for pre-college students, taught by AI experts and alumni of Alfaisal University. A typical day starts at 1 pm and finishes at 5 pm during the summer months of July and August. Through experiential workshops and project-based learning, students collaborate with mentors on socially impactful AI projects and receive guidance on pursuing AI careers and ventures. By creating AI products, the AI Academy’s students apply what they have learned through first-hand experience of being an engineer, a product manager, or a data scientist. The program provides students with an opportunity to showcase their projects in an exhibit in the final week of the summer program. To learn more about the AI Academy’s programs, please visit