Today the 21st of December BAE systems & the college of business, announced the winners of the BAE Systems 2nd Project management student competition and announced the call for proposals for the 3rd competition. 

The winners are: 

1st Prize

Project Title: The demand for public hospitals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Author: Faisal Alswailem (SAR 6,250), Fahad Alkridis (SAR 6,250), Mohammad Alqahtany

(SAR 6,250) and Saud Alomair (SAR 6,250).

2nd Prize

Project Title: The Car Consulting Company

Authors: Sultan Al Shathri (SAR 20,000)

3rd prize

Project Title: Body and Beauty Care

Author: Ibrahim Al Sultan (SAR 3,750), Faisal Al Munajem (SAR 3,750), Nawaf Alfayadh (SAR 3,750) and Abdulaziz Al-Angari (SAR 3,750).

4th Prize

Project Title: Fawasel

Author: Abdulmalik Almazyad (SAR 10,000)

5th Prize

Project Title: Emergency Wristband

Author: Naif AlHanaki (SAR 2,500) and Sara Almutawa (SAR 2,500)

5th Prize

Project Title: E-wash

Author: Fahad Al Nhait (SAR 1,666.66), Sager Al Sager (SAR 1,666.66) and Ibraheem Al Bader (SAR 1,666.66)

  5th Prize

Project Title: Time management App.

Author: Nawaf Ramadan (SAR 5,000)