Riyadh, 4th February 2012, Mr. John Bates – the Boeing Corporation Regional Manager for Ethics & Business Conduct (Russia, Middle East & Africa) – gave an informative presentation during the first session of the MBA elective course, ‘The Legal and Ethical Environment of Business’. During his talk, John stressed the critical role of ethical conduct in all facets of Boeing’s operations, and the importance of creating core ethical values and frameworks that have to be maintained not only by the company’s 165,000 employees, but also by the 65 staff of the Boeing’s Ethics’ Department. He concluded his presentation by explaining why Boeing will never pay bribes to win contracts, even in countries where this is regarded as an acceptable business practice.

Dr. Nick Forster, Professor of Management at Alfaisal University’s College of Business commented that John’s visit was, “a great opportunity for Alfaisal MBA students to hear at first hand the great importance of ethical behavior in the conduct of business and management, particularly in light of the events that led to the recent global recession.”