The Operations and Project Management Department organized a field trip to the National Pharmaceuticals Factory Co. located in Industrial City 2, Riyadh for a group of 30 students from the College of Business. The field trip was organized and led by Dr Rahma Lahyani.

It was a great learning opportunity for the students. The trip started with the plant manager presenting what NationalPharma produces, how production is organized, and how the quality culture is well established in all the organization’s departments (marketing, production, HR, facility and supply chain). Then, the students were divided into three small groups and guided to the production plant and the packaging plant.  Students were also exposed to see the different quality control procedures implemented at the quality control labs.

A questions & answers session was conducted by NationalPharma managers. The visit to NationalPharma was very educational and well planned.  It was worthwhile because it showed how the quality principles and practices that are covered in the classroom are put into practice and applied to real-life business.