The Advisory Board Meeting for the College of Engineering at Alfaisal University was held on Wednesday, November 29th, 2017.

H.E. Dr. Mohammed Alhayaza, President of Alfaisal University, welcomed the advisory board members and expressed his appreciation for their contributions and support to the CoE. Noting that this year marks the 10th anniversary for the university and the college, many accomplishments were made to date. These include Alfaisal achieving high rankings at the national, regional and international levels. Alfaisal has also attained the institutional NCAAA accreditation, which stands for 7 years – the maximum accreditation possible. Dr. Alhayaza concluded his welcoming remarks by saying that, the university and the CoE are looking forward to higher achievements and more collaborations.

Dr. Anan, Acting Dean of Engineering, then gave an overview of the CoE activities and accomplishments since the last advisory board meeting. The overview spanned the student enrolment in the five CoE programs, in addition to the newly opened Masters of Engineering Management. Acting Dean Anan further highlighted the progress in the three CoE flagship projects, namely the Shell Eco-Marathon Vehicle; Formula Student Vehicle and the Solar-Powered Vehicle. The overview concluded with a description of CoE’s ongoing efforts reviewing the its strategic plan, as well its short-term targets in terms of enhancement and expansion of its learning resources.

Discussion then followed where the esteemed members of the CoE advisory board commended the College for its members, and made valuable input with regards to its current standing and its future.