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Second Annual Minigames Exhibit

Alfaisal University’s College of Engineering proudly hosted its second annual Minigames Exhibit on December 5th, featuring an array of innovative projects developed by 125 sophomores. The event, a part of the college’s Game Lab activities, presented 22 captivating 2D minigame projects live and through posters in a competitive setting, exploring themes such as top score, games for good, outstanding performance, and creative execution.

The showcased minigames weren’t just entertainment; they were educational, medical, and socially impactful, aiming to create experiences that resonate beyond mere amusement. The event culminated in a ceremony where the winners were announced across various categories, shedding light on exceptional creativity and skill among the participants.

In the top score category, “Liberation Warriors” clinched the first-place position, impressing audiences with their captivating mechanics and graphical prowess in the realm of fight entertainment. “Cosmic Crash” and “Triventure” secured second and third places, respectively, showcasing their prowess in the platformer game genre.

Under the theme of “Games for Good,” “The Young Adventurer” claimed the top spot which educates young children on the importance of protecting oceans and environment by getting rid of plastic leftovers and the importance of the recycling process, while “Greed’s Gambit” bagged the second position, emphasizing the teaching of virtues and ethics to children, steering them away from a greedy mindset.

Recognizing exceptional performance, the “Outstanding Performance” award was bestowed upon “Where is Amoori?,” a puzzle and mental game designed to challenge visual acuity and concentration. Meanwhile, “Buzzwire” stood out in the “Creative Execution” category, offering a medically oriented game experience tailored for individuals with limited mental concentration. Geoventure was featured in the best game narrative award which educates children of geographic locations with link to culture. The ceremony was graced by esteemed guests including Dr. Khalid Kattan, Dean of the College of Medicine at Alfaisal University, Dr. Muhammed Anan, Dean of the College of Engineering, and Dr. Muhammad Umair Khan, the Chair of the Software Engineering Department. Dr. Anan delivered motivational words, inspiring all participating students.

The event was orchestrated by Eng. Hoda Elsayed, a Software Engineering lecturer and the director of the Game Innovation Lab at the College of Engineering. Acknowledgment was extended to Saleh Alghannam, leading the Game Development Club (GDC), along with the dedicated team of volunteers and judges who contributed to the success of the exhibit and ceremony. Heartfelt congratulations were extended to all winners, accompanied by sincere thanks to the volunteers, judges, and the GDC club for their pivotal roles in making the event a resounding success.

This spectacular event wouldn’t have been possible without the unwavering support of the College of Engineering faculty, especially Dr. Muhammad Anan, the college dean. Special gratitude was extended to Dr. Umair, and Dr. Areej Alwabil for the great departmental support throughout the event and to college of engineering administrators: Mr. Ahmed Darwish and Mrs. Rana Alsohaily for their great contributions and efforts in the event planning.

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