Ahmad Adi, a third year medical student at Alfaisal, recently received acceptance of a research abstract he was participating in the XVII International Symposium on Drugs Affecting Lipid Metabolism (DALM). The DALM, which is going to be held in Doha, Qatar, at the Weill-Cornell Medical School, from March 14th-16th  . The Abstract was chosen to be among the top five abstracts to be presented as an oral presentation at the meeting.

The Research project Ahmad was working on entitled “ROLE OF CNS IRS2 SIGNALING IN MEDIATING THE CHRONIC EFFECTS OF LEPTIN ON GLUCOSE REGULATION”. This was done at the University of Mississippi Medical Center during the summer 2010. Having an oral presentation at such an international meeting, with experts in the field from all over the world, is a great achievement for Alfaisal.

Ahmed Adi stated, “This would have never happened if not for the support of my administration and my research mentors at both Alfaisal University and the University of Mississippi Medical Center. Thank you all!”

Well done Mr. Adi!