Al Faisal University’s College of Business gave the male business students the opportunity to visit Albdullatif Company for Saudi Carpet Manufacturing in order to yield insights into how real-life firms have turned management strategies into sustained competitive advantages by using efficient supply chain systems. The trip date was on 20th April 2016. The purpose of the tour was to show the students Operations and Supply chain management practices at AL Abdullatif industrial investment company. The company manages carpets and rugs, which gives many options for productions to satisfy the needs of their customers, thus lowering their costs, enhancing productivity and creating new capabilities.

During the visit, students were able to get direct exposure to Albdullatif Co. representatives, who introduced the history of the factory and the process of productions in details. The employees at Albdullatif Co. shared information about management strategies regarding operations, strategy, logistics, values, recruiting strategies and industry trends for the demands as well as Operations strategies.