A high profile delegation from Deloitte headed by Mr. Punit Renjen was welcomed to the University as part of the College of Business Lecture Series earlier this month.
Welcomed by Alfaisal leaders the delegation was given a tour of the campus facilities and met with Snr leadership including the President.

Punit Renjen and David Sproul – Senior Partner and Chief Executive of Deloitte UK and Deloitte North West Europe – engaged the business students and faculty in an interactive dialogue entitled ‘’The Fourth Industrial Revolution is Here, Are You Read’’ alongside a Q&A session.

The panel was moderated by Mrs. Seema Khan. The two gentlemen gave a very insightful, deep and practical advice and thorough inputs about the changing business world, how are we interconnected and how cultures and business in Deloitte are entwined. Being a global organization, Deloitte faces many challenges operating in 150 countries, so keeping the standard of the performance and efficiency is a key to success, and hard to reach, and maintain.
They spoke about the challenges that faces such a large organization when it’s confronted by the rapid changes of the modern world and the increasing reliance on technology, how they keep their values and the bases that they build on all of their work in 150 countries around the world. Mr. Renjen insisted on the vitality trust plays in their organization, trusting the managers to do their best job, and trusting their choices of the best available employees who can handle the demands and work according to their standards.
In the conclusion, Mr. Renjen and Mr. Sproul noted that Saudi Arabia is a land of grand chances, that needs a bit of Luck and a lot of hard work from its people to explore, and reach its maximum potential.