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Game Innovation Center’s Maze of Hope Event

In a heartwarming display of solidarity, the Game Innovation Center and Dimensions launched the remarkable “Maze of Hope” event, which took place from May 13th to 15th. This charity-based initiative aimed to bring smiles to children suffering from cancer, while also showcasing the exceptional talent and compassion of students from Alfaisal University’s College of Engineering (CoE) & College of Medicine (CoM).

The 3-days event, graciously sponsored by Boeing, brought together various student associations, including “Smile You Are Blessed,” “Game Development Club (GDC)” and “IEEE Students Branch.” Their collaborative efforts, under the guidance of Eng. Hoda Elsayed, Director of the Game Innovation Center, proved instrumental in the event’s resounding success. We are thankful for the generous sponsorship of Boeing that brought this event to light and make a difference in the lives of young cancer patients.

One of the event’s highlights was the VR maze of hope game, skillfully crafted by the startup studio, UpDown Studio, that was founded by Alfaisal University students from Software and Electrical Engineering departments, Eng. Abdullah Adam, Eng. Faisal Alotaibi and Eng. Faisal Aldubaib, while currently being incubated within the institution. UpDown Studio’s immersive creation captivated attendees, allowing them to experience firsthand the joy and hope it brings to young cancer patients.

The remarkable outcome of the event was made possible by the dedication and support of numerous individuals at Alfaisal university. A special thanks to Dr. Muhammad Anan (the esteemed COE Dean) and Dr. Yousef Alyousef (VP of Research office and graduate studies), for all efforts made to ensure the event success. The research office’s Dimensions, and College of Engineering demonstrated immense support throughout the planning and execution phases.

The event project was planned by the Game Innovation center for inspiring and empowering the participating students under the umbrella of innovative game projects led by Dimensions Accelerator. We express our sincere appreciation to Dr. Tarek Mokhtar, Director of Dimensions Accelerator, for his unwavering support and dedication, which greatly contributed to the smooth organization and execution of the event. Additionally, the encouragement, guidance and invaluable insights offered by Dr. Areej Alwabil, Chair of the Software Engineering Department and AI Center Director, played a crucial role in making the event a resounding success.

We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to the event administrators from CoE, Mr. Ahmed Darwish and Mrs. Rana Alsohaily and from ORI, Ms. Yasmin Mussa (Dimensions program coordinator), for their exceptional dedication and tireless efforts in facilitating every aspect of the Maze of Hope event. We sincerely thank Eng. Ahmed Hamidalddin for all help introduced by “IEEE students branch” and Dr. Mohamed Issa for “smile you are blessed” activities and Eng. Saleh Alghannam for all “Game Development Club” efforts. Moreover, it’s worth mentioning that the amazing work done by our students Kerem Demirboga (Game Center Assistant) and Saif Hamdan (volunteers lead) and 20 other students have led to event success.

Maze of Hope event has successfully reflected the institution’s commitment to fostering innovation, empathy, and social responsibility among its students. By joining forces with the Game Innovation Center, all involved esteemed entities have not only created an avenue for impactful charitable endeavors but have also showcased the remarkable capabilities and compassion of the students at Alfaisal University.

The Maze of Hope event stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and the potential for technology to make a positive impact in the lives of others. The success, both in terms of fundraising and community engagement, reflects the unwavering dedication and passion of the students involved.

As the event concludes, the impact it has made will continue to resonate in the hearts of children fighting cancer. The Maze of Hope has not only brought smiles to their faces but has also nurtured a spirit of empathy and altruism among the students, inspiring them to use their skills and creativity for the betterment of society.

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