Aiming to add to the growing market of games annually and to train software engineers to be professional game developers, Alfaisal University has launched the annual mini-games exhibition this year to support the game development sector. The annual Mini-Games exhibit took place on Wednesday 07/12/2022 for the first time at Alfaisal university, as part of College of Engineering’s game innovation lab activities.

During the event, 17 game projects were introduced as mini-games demos and their posters. The exhibit opened the space for sophomore students to compete through three themes: games for good, creative execution and top score. The competition involved judges, from CoE staff and Game Development Club, where 3 winners were declared for each of these three themes. The event took place in the main CoE atrium and was open to public to attract youth interest in the game innovation field.

The event enabled students to interact and learn in a competing team-based environment that should strengthen their communication skills on the long-term. It was also enriching learning experience where students got to learn and practice programming beyond their knowledge and the results were fascinating.

The event participants and attendees hit the 100+ boundary and was open to public to test the developed games live. The event concluded with a closing ceremony and winners declaration where awards and certificates were distributed. In the top score theme, 1st place was “Travel Through Saudi”, 2nd place was “Golden Quest” and 3rd place was “Aurora”. In the creative execution theme, 1st place was “Rumble Royale”, 2nd place was “spacecraft” and outstanding performance winner was “Slime Ball”. Games for good theme winners were “Garden Maze” in 1st place, “ColorIQ” in 2nd place and “Math Rush” in 3rd place.

The exhibit helped in spreading game development awareness and aims to encourage students’ interest and passion in pursuing the gamification field while highlighting the games effect in serving the society.