“SMILE is a cancer patients support initiative, chaired by Professor Khaled Alkattan, with an aim to provide emotional, psychological and educational support for the cancer patients in all age groups. You are invited to know more about it through SMILE’s booklet.

SMILE Research Team, plans to be a scientific support group. After 2 years of the hard work, the Research team head is Basmah AlTinawi and the Vice is Qamar AlTinawi have establish a study entitled “The Prevalence of Psychiatric Disorders in cancer patients in KSA and its influence on their life Quality”, with the help of Dr. Dejene Abebe, Chairman of Psychiatry Department and Dr. Shauqi Bazarbashi, Chairman of Oncology Department at KFSHRC. Along with Dr. Mohammed AlSadoon and Dr.Waddah Al-Asiri. This study has been accepted by the Office of Research Affairs (ORA) at KFSH&RC. Now its taking place and organized by the research team at KFSHRC. The Research team has recruited 52 medical students. Alfaisal medical students are involved in the study process of data analysis, collection and manuscript writing. Basically it’s Alfaisal student oriented study. We are very proud to announce that is it the first of its kind in the gulf region.”